IAM Patent 1000: 2022 Recognition

We have been recognized as one of the top patent firms and professionals in Czechia again!

We always make sure that the chosen intellectual property strategy meets the client’s business goals. It is a pleasure that our work has been recognized by IAM:

„A patent boutique with an agile, quality-focused and strategically astute team, PatentEnter has an excellent feel for business and is gifted at aligning IP approaches with the commercial goals of its clients.”

Included in the rankings are also both our founders and CEOs:

Michal Jordán’s R&D background is helpful in this regard, as it gives him an insider’s knowledge of what the innovation process means for companies.

Fellow founder Ivan Lukšíček has a natural curiosity and takes to complex assignments with relish.

They run their well-built team of patent attorneys, lawyers, language specialists and others in an efficient and well-organised fashion.“