Use of the administrative fee grant in 2022

On Monday 23 January, the 3rd round of applications for grants under the Ideas Powered for Business SME Fund was launched.  Through the programme, businesses can receive funding for administration fees for trademarks, designs and patents, as well as for IP pre-diagnostic services (IP Scan). Let’s therefore take a brief look back at the expiring 2022 Fund.

There has been a huge demand for this support since the beginning of last year – the original budget already exceeded during April. Due to the high level of interest, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) repeatedly topped it up, so that finally the grant could be applied for until 9 December.


Across the EU, the EU trademark voucher was the most popular. Unlike national trademarks, which are valid only in the territory of a given country, EU trademarks are valid in all member states. And the price-performance ratio is often much better. More than 10,000 EU trademarks have been funded (as of 16.12.2022) by the programme.

We have also seen this increased interest in the EU trademark among our clients. With the grant, the amount is halved, which is why most clients opt for it. The total number of subsidized trademarks of Czech applicants also corresponded with it: there were “only” 300 national Czech trademarks and 467 EU trademarks.

💡 In 2022, we processed more than 100 trademarks and dozens of Community (EU) designs under the program.

IP pre-diagnostic services (IP Scan)

Within the Czech Republic, there was also great interest in the IP Scan. This is evidenced by the fact that the Czech Republic had the highest number of IP Scans in the EU (83%).

IP Scan is very beneficial for understanding and identifying IP protection issues. The total price is €900, but it is 90% supported so you get €810 back. Within its scope, the company also has a space for a comprehensive solution of its IP questions, setting up a strategy or a basic assessment of the patentability of inventions. All this with a specialist in a range of 8 hours.

💡 In the previous years 2021 and 2022, we have already realized more than 100 IP Scans and we are the most active providers in the Czech Republic and the EU.

From 2021 we recommend IP Scan to anyone who is thinking about protecting their intangible assets. It also is of interest among our clients, whether they were larger companies with a development department, start-ups that just needed to navigate IP, or even self-employed entrepreneurs.

💡 Although this is an administrative fee support with a maximum value of €2,250 per business, we helped our clients save a total of over €2,500,000 last year alone.

Fund in 2023

Investment in promoting and protecting innovation is growing. And industrial rights play a crucial role in commercialisation and return on R&D. EUIPO therefore plans to continue this financial support in the next (at least 2) years.

In 2023, SMEs can also benefit from the programme for trademarks, industrial designs, IP Scan and patent applications. The maximum amount per company is €2,560.

And we will be there – whether as an accredited IP Scan provider or in the processing of administrative fee subsidies for our clients. We outline the details of the 2023 programme in this article.

This recapitulation of the Ideas Powered for Business Fund for 2022 was made by Libor Lanč, who deals with the IP Scan service.

He assists PatentEnter clients, for example, in setting up internal processes and reviewing contracts with internal and external researchers so that they properly address IP issues.

Do you also want to uncover opportunities of your intellectual property?