Ensure and maintain your best legal position in protecting your brand against competitors. We will secure the registration of trademarks in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the European Union as well as in other countries, directly or in cooperation with our foreign colleagues.

We will set up the agreements between you and the authors of your logo so that you are not limited in its use. We will help you contractually transfer or license your acquired rights.

There are millions of trademarks registered in the European Union. We will conduct searches in databases to investigate any rights of your competitors and to help prevent disputes in registering your logo or placing it on the market. We will help you enforce your rights in case of disputes.

Trademarks should be properly used, otherwise they may be revoked. Certain foreign offices require proof of such use on a continuous basis. We will ensure that the validity of your trademarks is not at risk, and we will notify you in due time about the corresponding deadlines.

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