About us

PatentEnter is a company registered in the Chamber of Patent Attorneys of the Czech Republic and is authorized to provide full-scale patent attorney services.

The company was founded by patent attorneys Ivan Lukšíček and Michal Jordán. The purpose was primarily to create a specialized company of patent attorneys with expanded capacity and flexibility, and to prepare conditions for further improvement of the quality of the services provided.

Together with our team we help large and small enterprises, start-ups, and academic institutions to protect their new ideas. We believe that each company can strengthen protection of their ideas and improve their position against competition on the market. Increased awareness of the importance of the industrial rights will prevent wasting good ideas and reduce the risk of conflict with competitors.

We closely cooperate with other professionals and agencies in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. Therefore, we are able to provide our services all over the world.

We are proud of the successes of our Czech and foreign clients and we always make sure that the chosen intellectual property strategy meets the client’s business goals.

We understand that the protection of innovative products and services is a complex issue and therefore, the initial consultations on the intellectual property protection are free of charge.

Our headquarters

MH Office

You can arrange an appointment in our other office. We will also be happy to visit you (if that suits you better).