Patent Searches

Freedom-to-operate searches

By introducing the product to the market, the owner is responsible for any infringements. The sooner you find out that your product infringes exclusive rights protected by patent or utility model of a competitor, the smaller costs are incurred in its redesign, law suit or a license purchase. In case of export companies, such search is performed in the early stages of development, preferably as early as conceptual design of the new solution is created.

Patentability searches

Examining the invention prior to filing the patent application often saves costs connected with complicated patent proceedings or eventually total investments in protecting the idea that has been already known in the state of the art.

Technology scouting and innovation studies

In the field of innovations, it is crucial to obtain important information early and to use them for creation of a unique vision.  Vast majority of world technical knowledge is contained in the patent literature, which nowadays comprises more than one hundred million documents. Advanced searching tools and machine translations provide unique possibilities to obtain relevant information about competing solutions in the given field or even a guide to solving specific technical details. Furthermore, majority of the published solutions may be freely used.

Trademark and industrial design searches

The first thing that catches customer’s attention when coming in contact with a new product is the product’s appearance or name. We conduct searches on new trademarks and designs prior to their registration and before their introduction to the market.


Do you want to be informed about activities of your competitors or about news in your technical field? By monitoring the industrial property rights databases, we can provide you with information which can be used in defending against patent grants or trademark registrations which could limit your business activities.

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