IAM Patent 1000 Recognition

We are delighted to be recognized as one of the top patent firms and professionals in the Czech Republic again! To us, this is a great acknowledgement that we do our job really well, not only in the eyes of our clients but also other specialists in the field.

„Innovation is a central pillar at PatentEnter: the dynamic boutique appreciates the business value behind strong patent protection and designs strategies that are perfectly aligned with patrons’ commercial goals. The technically diverse squad shines bright on freedom to operate analyses; and while software patents are a speciality, it can navigate virtually any field with ease. Taking the reins are dynamic co-founders Ivan Lukšiček and Michal Jordán. Blending keen technical aptitude with a finely honed business sense, Lukšiček is a safe pair of hands in the IT sphere; while Jordán taps into his industry insight as an innovation and IP manager to get companies maximum return on their investments. “The pair have incredible drive, give great advice at a reasonable price and are loved by their clients.”

IAM Patent 1000 ranking is based on the depth of expertise, market presence, sophistication of work and feedback from peers and clients. We therefore are very pleased to be recognized as a company and also that both of our CEOs Ivan Lukšíček a Michal Jordán are included in the list of recommended professionals.